Golf Tips: Better Tempo Equals Better Shots
Jul 13,2006 00:00 by Tina Mickelson

Good shots are produced when the ball squarely contacts the club face at impact. If contact is not square and solid, the ball is less likely to go straight or as far. But in an attempt to gain more distance, many players are swinging so fast and furiously that it is almost impossible to make square, solid contact. The result is many missed shots. Try this drill to find the swing speed/tempo that’s right for you:

Tee up five balls in a row. Hit the first ball using only 60 percent of your potential power. Hit the second ball with 70 percent of your potential power. Hit the third ball with 80 percent, fourth ball with 90 percent, and the last ball with everything you’ve got. You will find that somewhere between ball two and four is your perfect tempo. You will be able to tell by noticing which ball you consistently hit best as you repeat the drill a few times. If you consistently hit the third ball the best (most solid contact and it goes the straightest), then you know that 80 percent of your potential power is your ideal tempo. You’ll find that a good tempo will not only produce straighter shots, your distance will be increased as well.

Copley News Service, Photo by Paul Nasri