Weather keeps Norwegian skiers indoors
Apr 10,2007 00:00 by UPI

OSLO - Bad weather in popular skiing areas in Norway kept most Easter weekend vacationers huddled in their lodges.

The Red Cross reported fewer emergency calls than usual for missing or injured skiers, Aftenposten reported.

While Oslo enjoyed good weather for most of the holiday period, except for some unseasonable snow, storms hit the Hardangervidda, the high plateau between Oslo and Bergen, and Hemsedal, northwest of Oslo. Many roads were closed because of bad weather, and skiers were warned against setting off cross country.

On Tuesday morning, rescuers located a man who had been reported missing Monday when he failed to return from a days skiing at the specified time. Snowmobile patrols and dog teams were involved in the search, and the man was found in good condition in spite of spending a night in the open.

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