Sisters, Bend, Dufur excel at OHSET meet
Apr 13,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

Sisters, Bend, and Dufur High School teams excelled in the most recent Central District Oregon High School Equestrian Team (OHSET) meet held March 30-April 1 at the Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center in Redmond, taking home first-place team honors in the large, medium, and small team divisions.

OHSET is comprised of about 160 riders from 15 different high schools who compete in approximately 25 different events.  High Schools with competing OHSET teams include Bend, Crook, Dufur, Hermiston, Hood River, Lakeview, La Pine, Madras, Mountain View, Paisley, Pendleton, Redmond, Sisters, Summit, and The Dalles/Wahtonka Union (TDWU).

The public is invited to attend, at no charge, the next meet scheduled for April 19-21 at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds. Year-end awards will be announced April 22.

La Pine Senior Kassandra Russell placed 8th in Steer Daubing - all photos submitted by OHSET 
Freshman Chrystal Bates of La Pine placed 12th in In Hand Trail 
Christa Beezley of Bend placed 2nd in Stock Seat Equitation 
Senior Kayla Gregory of Mountain View placed 7th in Working Rancher 
Large Team Division 16 riders

1st Sisters 672
2nd Redmond 526
3rd Mtn View 409
Medium Team Division 8-15 riders
1st Bend High 431
2nd La Pine 415
3rd TDWU 333
4th Crook 266
5th Madras 162
6th Lakeview 155
Small Team Division 1-7 riders
1st Dufur 293
2nd Hood River 137
3rd Summit 70
4th Pendleton 69
5th Paisley 48
6th Hermiston 39

Hunt Seat Equitation Over Fences:
1st Racheal Rees, Bend
2nd Katie Linton, Lakeview
3rd Danielle Elder, Sisters
Saddle Seat Equitation:
1st Ransom Hayden, Redmond
2nd Samantha Carrol, Bend
3rd Lexi VanderVelde, Sisters
Hunt Seat Equitation:
1st Katie Linton, Lakeview
2nd Racheal Rees, Bend
3rd Jennifer Friend, Sisters
1st Samantha Hege, TDWU
2nd Jennifer Friend, Sisters
3rd Katie Linton, Lakeview
In Hand Obstacle Relay:
1st Crook-Kaity Sparks, Jordan Ysen, Jordan Shockney and Rachale Brixey
2nd Sisters- Courtney Acarregui, Alexa Orr, Danielle Orr, Lexi VanderVelde
3rd Redmond- Brittney Fraker, Danielle Pilon, Lizzie Schteiden, Jana Gisler
Working Pairs:
1st Dufur- Brittney Turner and Lindsey Bernbaum
2nd Sisters- Danielle Orr and Courtney Acarregui
3rd TDWU- Sarah Ferrer and Samantha Hege
Drill 6 & over:
1st Sisters- Jennifer Friend, Shayna Forbes, Leslee Zenich, Christina Holler, Michael, Awbrey Cyrus, Leah Keeton, Taryn Gates, Jessica Snow
2nd Bend- Alena Hoyer, Lyndsey Cotton, Chelsea Hildebrand, Stephanie Quinlan, Hailey Takagi, Melissa Lundy with alternates Christa Beezley & Allegra Keith
3rd La Pine- Kassandra Russell, Kristen Russell, Kelsi Dozier, Ellie Sherwood, Monica Graves, Amanda Blodgett with alternate Haley Knowles
Working 4’s Drill:
1st Redmond- Ransom Hayden, Shelby Henry, Kristen Cox and Samantha Hopper
2nd Mountain View- Kayla Gregory, Emily Kennedy, Karlie Crew, Capri Stiffler
3rd TDWU- Sarah Ferrer, Samantha Hege, Bailey Maxwell, Sydney Stelzer
Stock Seat Equitation:
1st Kendra Hodgson –Redmond
2nd Christa Beezley, Bend
3rd Lindsey Bernbaum-Dufur
Working Rancher:
1st Rheanna Stott, Redmond
2nd Calla Walker- Redond
3rd Kayla Coulter, TDWU (The Dalles/Wahtonka Union)
1st Christa Beezley, Bend
2nd Shelby Ross, Sisters
3rd Casey Porter, Summit
In Hand Trail:
1st Chelsea Hildebrand, Bend
2nd Sarah Madison, Crook
3rd Courtney Acarregui, Sisters
1st Ransom Hayden, Redmond
2nd Allegra Keith, Bend
3rd Lexi VanderVelde, Sisters
1st Sarah Ferrer, TDWU
2nd Sarah Madison, Crook
3rd JJ Ashley, Sisters
1st Lindsey Bernbaum, Dufur
2nd Alex VonLubken, Hood River
3rd Katie Linton, Lakeview
Team Penning:
1st Redmond Team A- Casey Long, Kelsey Brandenburg, Rheanna Stott, 3 pens 9 total cows
2nd Dufur- Lindsey Bernbaum, Brittney turner, Kayla Reffett, 3 pens 8 total cows
3rd Paisley- Shadee Arballo, Colton Gilbert, Mason Vickerman, 3 pens, 7 total cows
Breakaway Roping:
1st Casey Long, Redmond, 2 catches, 10.93
2nd Jennifer Friend, Sisters, one catch, 6.16
3rd Shayna Forbes, Sisters, one catch, 27.11
Steer Daubing:
1st  Cassidy Keeton, Sisters, 2 daubs, 4.52
2nd Samantha Hege, TDWU, 2 daubs, 4.75
3rd Kaylee Patterson, Madras, 2 daubs, 5.24
Canadian Flags:
1st Sisters Team B- Shayna Forbes, Jennifer Friend, Christina Holler, Leslee Zenich, 37.359
2nd Sisters Team A- Danielle Orr, Courtney Acarregui, Alexa Orr, Cassidy Keeton, 41.227
3rd Bend Team A- Alena Hoyer, Lyndsey Coton, Chelsea Hildebrand, Melissa Lundy, 42.212
1st La Pine-Monica Graves & Emily Pickering, 26.74
2nd Sisters- Shayna Forbes & Jennifer Friends, 26.94
3rd Crook- Kaity Sparks & Amy Pearce, 26.96
1st Monica Graves, La Pine, 14.774 District record
2nd Kayla Gregory, Mtn View, 14.836
3rd Amy Pearce, Crook, 15.181
1st Kayla Gregory, Mtn View 23.002
2nd Sierra Larson, Redmond, 23.030
3rd Amy Pearce, Crook, 23.846
Individual Flags:
1st Emily Pickering, La Pine, 9.869
2nd Ellie Sherwood, La Pine, 11.915
3rd Kassandra Russell, La Pine, 12.594
Figure 8:
1st Monica Graves, La Pine, 10.735
2nd Emily Pickering, La Pine, 11.205
3rd Shayna Forbes, Sisters, 11.214
1st Monica Graves, La Pine, 8.006
2nd Karlie Crew, Mtn View, 8.160
3rd Emily Pickering, La Pine, 8.411