Commission approves eight fish restoration and enhancement projects
Jul 10,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

MCMINNVILLE - The Fish and Wildlife Commission today approved $127,079 in funding for eight Fish Restoration and Enhancement projects benefiting fish and angling throughout Oregon .

Created by the Oregon legislature in 1989, the R&E program funds projects that restore or enhance fisheries and habitat, educate the public, support fish stocking or research efforts to improve or sustain fisheries. Its seven-member citizen board reviews project proposals and makes funding recommendations to the state Fish and Wildlife commission. The program is funded from a surcharge on sport and commercial fishing licenses and commercial poundage fees.

The approved grants represent the fifth of eight grant cycles in the 2005-2007 biennium. Grant funds are usually matched or exceeded by funds from recipients or other parties.

The seven-member Commission is the rulemaking body for fish and wildlife issues in Oregon . The following projects were approved:

- $7,500 for Bonneville Hatchery Visitor Center Restoration ( Portland ). Funds will restore and update an outdated tourist display located in the historic hatch house that will educate visitors on hatchery history, fish species identification, watershed map and other issues.

- $19,253 for New River Tributary Large Wood Placement (Bandon). The grant will fund in-stream placement of wood to improve habitat conditions on a highly productive area of wetlands, coastal lakes, and diverse estuarine habitat which is used extensively by all life stages of coho salmon and other fish species.

- $37,040 for Willamette Valley Community Fisheries Development. Funds will improve access and visitor facilities for a variety of community fishing projects at sites near Corvallis , Portland and Eugene that provide angling opportunities for disabled anglers, seniors and families with young children.

-$16,000 for Stayton Pond fish passage design. The grant will fund a comprehensive assessment of existing ODFW-owned infrastructure on a side channel of Santiam River , with the goal of making the area accessible to fish as it would provide excellent spawning and rearing habitat for chinook salmon, steelhead and Oregon chub.

- $9,054 for Alsea Hatchery Incubation Effluent Diversion for hatchery maintenance. Funds will be used to install pumps and plumbing to divert incubation building effluent to the hatchery's existing abatement pond during cleaning and chemical treatments, to continue compliance with state Department of Environmental Quality guidelines.

- $9,967 for Warrenton High School Hatchery Equipment Upgrade. Funds will help repair this community-built and student-managed commercial fish hatchery by providing an adequate water supply and replacing fish-rearing equipment.

- $800 for mercury testing of crappie from Emigrant Reservoir ( Medford ). In partnership with Oregon Dept. of Health Services, crappie from this popular warmwater fishery will be tested for mercury.

- $27,195 for Foster Creek Acclimation Facility. Funds will be used to construct an acclimation pond and water conveyance system on private property next to Foster Creek, a location that will be used to acclimate up to 10,000 hatchery spring chinook and up to 40,000 hatchery winter steelhead for sport fishing.