Bend City Police Blotter - Week of Jul 03
Jul 13,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources


During the week, there were 14 reports of vehicle break-ins, with an estimated $5,098 in items stolen, not including 2 auto titles. Of the 14 break-ins, 12 were from unlocked vehicles. There were also 3 bicycles stolen with an estimated value of $1,340. DUII arrests totaled 8.

§         6/27. Two men reported they were followed into the parking lot of Players Bar by suspects who cursed at them, drove their vehicle in a menacing way towards them, brandished knives, and made verbal threats. Case is open/pending.

§         6/27. A man was arrested for trespassing at Bilyeu Insurance after he threatened to assault employees and refused to leave.

§         6/28. A woman reported that she got in a fight with a man who made discriminatory comments about her and her girlfriend’s relationship. The man said that both women attacked him. He sustained injuries to his left eye and nose, and one of the women had a tiny injury to both knees.

§         6/28. A 70 year old woman was cited for theft and released when she shoplifted 5 CD’s from Costco.

§         6/28. A woman reported someone broke the window of her SUV while parked at the Sportsman’s Warehouse. Items stolen and damage to the vehicle are estimated at $775. Video surveillance showed a white male in a red Ford truck is the suspect.

§         6/28. A man reported the soft top on his convertible automobile was slashed 11 times, with estimated damage of $1000. Victim suspects his ex-girlfriend is responsible.

§         6/29. A man reported a kayak was stolen from his pickup while parked on NW Galvestone.

§         6/30. A man was stopped for DUII after leaving Timbers East. Officers quoted him as saying “Yeah, I got cuffs on, all right,” after his blood alcohol level was recorded at .20.

§         7/1. A man was arrested for Escape and Disorderly Conduct. He was stopped for failing to obey a traffic control device, and obstructed traffic when he ran across Hwy 97 to flee from police. He was taken into custody with assistance from a police K-9. Suspect said he was giving up, but when officers called off the dog, he got up and ran again. He was apprehended for the second time by Police K-9 Kai.

§         7/1. A woman was arrested for initiating a false arrest after she called police on her cell phone to report a physical dispute with her boyfriend. When she was located, she denied making the call or having the phone. However, when dispatch called the cell phone, officers could hear it ringing in an adjacent room.

§         7/1. Two women were cited for theft and released after they shoplifted $421 worth of groceries from Safeway on Hwy 20.

§         7/1. A man reported that a dog entered his home on Veronica St., and when he attempted to check the animal’s license he was bitten on the finger. The dog fled the scene before officers arrived.

§         7/2. A man reported his loaded .44 revolver was stolen from his vehicle while parked in his driveway. Victim said he believed the auto was locked, although there was no damage to indicate who entry was obtained.

§         7/3. A man reported that while driving on Revere St. someone in another vehicle threw an explosive device at his windshield. The windshield had one golfball-sized depression, and another the size of a baseball – both with areas of melted glass.

§         7/3. A woman was arrested for shoplifting a buck knife from Sportsman’s Warehouse, a pair of shoes from Famous Footwear, a CD from Starbucks, and clothing from JC Penney.

§         7/3. Two women reported being assaulted by a white male in his mid 20’s to 30 years old, 5’6” to 5’8”, with a muscular build, blond hair and blue eyes. The assault occurred during a dispute at Timbers East, and the suspect fled the scene.

The preceding Information are excerpts taken from log entries and reports of the Bend Police Department.