Bush: Congress restricting troops in Iraq
Apr 16,2007 00:00 by UPI

WASHINGTON - U.S. President George Bush said Monday that Congress' attempt to place a timetable on the Iraq war is restricting troops there and placing them in jeopardy.

Speaking at the White House to parents of troops stationed in Iraq, the president criticized Congress for holding up additional funding for the military and said such actions would only prove detrimental to such troops.

"I think it is wrong for Congress to restrict our military commanders," Bush said. "I can understand having a difference of opinion about Iraq but our commanders need the flexibility necessary to meet the mission."

The president said that while he was open to further negotiations with Congress regarding the controversial matter, he would not support a decision that would negatively impact U.S. troops.

Bush concluded his speech Monday with a call to Congress for a bill that would meet such criteria. He is to meet Wednesday with congressional leaders.

"Congress needs to put the partisanship on hold," he said, "it needs to get rid of all the politics right now and send me an emergency war spending bill that I can sign that gets our troops the support they need and gives our commanders the flexibility they need to complete this mission."

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