Teacher had sought aid for Va. Tech gunman
Apr 18,2007 00:00 by UPI

BLACKSBURG, Va. - A Virginia Tech University teacher said she had tried to get counseling for Cho Seung-Hui, who killed 32 people before taking his own life at the college.

English department head Lucinda Roy said she had urged Cho to seek counseling in 2005, nearly two years before Monday's shooting rampage at the Virginia school, the Washington Post reported Wednesday.

"I was determined that people were going to take notice," Roy said. "I felt I'd said to so many people, 'Please, will you look at this young man?'"

She said Cho refused to seek treatment and school officials were unable to take action, since he had not directly threatened anyone.

"I don't want to be accusatory or blaming other people," Roy said. "I do just want to say, though, it's such a shame if people don't listen very carefully and if the law constricts them so that they can't do what is best for the student."

Roy told the Post that Roy's unusual behavior in class prompted many of his peers to begin avoiding class.

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