Professor: Shooter had speech trouble
Apr 19,2007 00:00 by UPI

BLACKSBURG, Va. - A Virginia Tech playwriting professor said English major and killer Cho Seung-hui had a problem forming articulate speech.

In an exchange with CNN, Professor Edward Falco said the 23-year-old could communicate in writing but didn't seem comfortable talking.

"The kid couldn't speak. I did everything I knew to draw him out. I tried to joke with him. I touched his shoulder while asking him a direct question. I put myself in quiet, one-on-one space with him -- and I still could not get articulate speech out of him," Falco said.

One of Cho's classmates, Ian MacFarlane, told CNN two plays Cho wrote were so "twisted" that MacFarlane and other students openly wondered "whether he could be a school shooter."

On Monday, Cho went on a killing rampage at the Blacksburg, Va., school, killing 32 people, injuring 15 others and killing himself.

After killing the first two people, Cho mailed NBC News a rambling, profanity-filled rant on DVD along with pictures of him posing with his weapons. The network received the package Wednesday.

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