Battle leaves 24 Taliban dead
Apr 19,2007 00:00 by UPI

KABUL - Afghan and coalition forces foiled a Taliban attempt to set up ambush posts in southern Afghanistan after a battle that left 24 insurgents dead, CNN reported.

The intense seven-hour long battle took place at nightfall Wednesday in the northeast corner of Helmand province's Sangin district, the U.S.-led coalition command told CNN.

The report said two coalition soldiers, who suffered minor injuries, were evacuated to a nearby medical facility.

The command told CNN the battle started after four Taliban fighters fired rounds at troops patrolling the area.

"After maneuvering to gain contact with the enemy force, U.S. Special Forces requested coalition air support to engage the Taliban fighters as they were attempting to establish ambush positions," the coalition said.

Separately, Afghan and coalition forces killed three Taliban fighters and wounded three more in Afghanistan's western Herat province when the insurgents tried to ambush them, the report said.

A coalition command statement said that in the past two weeks "there have been multiple reports of Taliban fighters impersonating ANP (Afghanistan National Police) officers and establishing illegal check points to kidnap and terrorize local Afghan civilians," the statement said.

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