Professional Golf Tips: Keeping the wrists still
Apr 20,2007 00:00 by Tina_Mickelson
 When putting, a square club face at impact not only gets the ball rolling on the correct line, but it also gets the ball rolling with better topspin and less initial bouncing.  It is very difficult, however, to ensure a square club face at impact if the wrists break down during the putting stroke.  To help ensure that your wrists remain quiet throughout your putting stroke, try the following drill:
Stick a tee into the hole at the end of your putter grip.  When you address the ball it should be right in the middle of your forearms.
Make some practice strokes, making sure the tee remains perfectly centered between your forearms throughout your putting stroke.
You know your wrists have broken down if, at any point throughout the stroke, the tee is closer to one forearm or the other.
Once you are comfortable with your practice strokes, try some actual putts using this drill.  You will find a much better roll as well as a truer line when your wrists donĂ•t break down and the club head is square at impact.