Fitness Forum: Exercise strengthens hips and legs
Apr 20,2007 00:00 by CNS

Improving you balance is as easy as standing on one leg.

THE MOVES: Single leg balance with hip rotation.

WORKS ON: Hip and leg strength. Vestibular and "visual flow" balance.

GET HIP - Firefighter Dave Orozco works on balance, leg and hip strength as he stands on one leg and turns his torso to the side. CNS Photo. 
PRECAUTIONS: Ensure your safety. As with any balance exercise, the risk of falling is a real concern. When practicing this exercise, protect yourself by standing in a doorway. Or stand with your back to a wall with a piece of sturdy furniture in front of you.

SETUP/START POSITION: Stand on one leg (the other foot can be held just off the ground). Stand fully erect with your head and eyes level and your eyes focused on something across the room. Hold this position for 10 seconds.

STEPS: If you are stable in the starting position, slowly turn your entire torso and pelvis to the right as far as possible. Keep the supporting leg straight. The torso, pelvis and head should stay in line and move as a unit. Hold for a count of three. Then rotate as far as possible to your left.

REPETITIONS: Perform three to five rotations to the right and left on each leg.

OPTIONS: For more of a challenge, add slow head movements up and down, or side to side, as the torso is rotating.