New York plans to plant 1 million trees
Apr 23,2007 00:00 by UPI

NEW YORK - New York City is planning to plant 1 million trees during the next decade as part of an effort to make it a greener city.

City planners say the trees will help clean the air by soaking up carbon dioxide. The plan is also expected to make the city cooler in the summer, reducing energy demands, The New York Times reported.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in a speech on Earth Day Sunday, said every sidewalk vacancy in the city, as well as areas of parks and public space’s, will be filled with the additional trees.

The plan is part of an initiative to make New York greener as it prepares for a projected population growth of 1 million over the next two decades, the newspaper said.

The tree planting plan is said to be less controversial than recent environmental-improvement proposals, such as charging drivers a fee to enter the busiest areas of Manhattan.

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