Police look at Cho's e-mail, phone records
Apr 24,2007 00:00 by UPI

BLACKSBURG, Va. - Police investigating the Virginia Tech shootings are combing through the e-mail and cell phone records of shooter Cho Seung-hui.

ABC News reported that court documents show police have also obtained the e-mail records of Cho's first victim, freshman Emily Hilscher, to see if they had communicated or knew one another.

Records released earlier showed that two other women had complained to police after Cho contacted them. Those complaints led to Cho undergoing a mental health evaluation in late 2005 in which he was determined to be "mentally ill and in need of hospitalization," ABC News said.

Hilscher was the first of 32 people that Cho shot and killed on the Virginia Tech campus April 16 before he killed himself. The Virginia State Police said they have not found a connection between Cho and any of the victims but that the investigation is continuing.

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