Man charged in cannibal attack
Apr 26,2007 00:00 by UPI

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - A Dutch man remains hospitalized more than a month after he allegedly bit the ear and nose off of his traveling companion in Sweden.

The Local newspaper says the 45-year-old attacker hitched a ride with a 58-year-old Dutch truck driver delivering tulip bulbs to Sweden.

The man allegedly attacked the driver in the town of Vaxjo. The victim told the Expressen newspaper that the attacker said "he was going to eat me up."

Police recovered the missing body parts and transported them to the hospital where doctors managed to sew them back on, the newspaper said Wednesday.

The alleged attacker suffered serious injuries when he jumped off of a set of fire escape stairs. He is charged with serious assault.

The hitchhiker has said he takes medication for schizophrenia and has no recollection of the attack.

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