Forestland classification panel to meet May 9, Sisters
Apr 27,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

The Forestland Classification Steering Committee will continue its review of the system for categorizing Oregon's forest and rangelands for the purpose of wildfire protection when it meets on May 9 in Sisters. Appointed by the Oregon Department of Forestry, the 29-member panel is tasked with recommending revisions and improvements to the system, which was developed more than 40 years ago. 
The committee members represent a broad cross-section of private and public organizations that share an interest in protecting the forest resource and rural communities in and adjacent to forestlands. In monthly meetings that began in February of this year, the committee has identified key work items and appointed subcommittees to address them. They include:
Transitions Lands Subcommittee - Working on:
- consistency/criteria for providing protection
- consistency/criteria for forestland classification
- lands adjacent to the district
- highway and railroad rights-of-way
Wildland-Urban Interface Classification Subcommittee - Working on:
- the wildfire protection role in the wildland-urban interface
- consistency/criteria for classifying forestland in the wildland-urban interface
- assessing the need for a wildland-urban interface classification
Coordination Assurance Subcommittee - Working on:
- consistent application department-wide of rules and procedures for doing forest patrol assessment
- develop/reexamine a uniform process for working with the various county assessors' offices for the management of forest patrol data and the billings they issue
- reexamine the dual-protection issue, as when ODF and a rural fire department protect the same piece of property
- make recommendations on central archiving of forest patrol data from across the state
Statute Reorganization Subcommittee - Working on:
- reorganization/consolidation of related statutes legislative direction
Tools Group Subcommittee - Working on:
- (to be formed later in the process, the subcommittee will develop tools for implementing committee recommendations)
The Forestland Classification Steering Committee meeting will run from 8 a.m. to noon at the Sisters-Camp Sherman Rural Fire Protection District office, 301 South Elm Street, in Sisters. The meeting is open to the public.
More information about the committee and its charge is available on the Department of Forestry website,
Accommodations for people with disabilities, and special materials, services or assistance can be arranged by calling the Oregon Department of Forestry Agency Affairs Office at least 48 hours before the meeting - 503-945-7200, text telephone 503-945-7213 (in Salem).