Diamond Lake stocked with 6,000 trout for season opening
Apr 27,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

ROSEBURG, Ore. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) has good news for anglers: Diamond Lake will be stocked in time for the high lakes trout opener on Saturday, Apr. 28.

“We’re excited that anglers have the opportunity to take a historic fishing trip to Diamond Lake this weekend,” said Umpqua Fish District Biologist Jim Muck. “The ice is breaking up, and the water quality has improved to the point we can stock 6,000 healthy rainbow trout.”

The legal-sized Cape Cod rainbow trout from Klamath Falls Hatchery will be released into Diamond Lake later this week. This is the first load of 80,000 catchable and trophy-sized trout ODFW will stock in the lake this spring.

The catchable-sized trout range from eight to 12 inches and include a mix of 2,000 predacious trout. Later this spring, ODFW also will stock 100,000 Klamath Falls fingerlings and 2,000 trophy-sized trout being raised at Rock Creek Hatchery.

This historic trout stocking marks a new beginning for Diamond Lake’s fishery.

Last September, ODFW successfully treated Diamond Lake with rotenone, a naturally-derived pesticide to rid the lake of an estimated 98 million tui chub. The chub destroyed the lake’s water quality and recreational fishery.

Fishing is expected to improve and stocking will gradually increase as the lake heals. Water quality also should improve each year, although algae blooms may occur this summer and in 2008. ODFW, Forest Service and ODEQ will continue to monitor Diamond Lake’s water quality and fishery.

ODFW also is working with the Forest Service, ODEQ and the Oregon State Marine Board to develop educational materials on invasive species prevention and provide a boat washing station at Diamond Lake. Invasive species include the tui chub and non-native aquatic weeds and animals such as the zebra mussel and New Zealand mud snail.

Anglers and swimmers are asked to clean their equipment, such as boots, waders, scuba gear, and beach toys in hot water or with a high pressure washer before entering Diamond Lake. Boaters are asked to empty bilge water and live wells away from the lake, then clean, disinfect and dry them. People should also make sure their boat and trailer are free of live fish, fish eggs, aquatic weeds and animals, and mud.

Remember, it is illegal to use live fish for bait.

For more information, check the ODFW Diamond Lake web site at http://www.dfw.state.or.us/fish/diamond_lake/index.asp