Democrats unsure how to handle Bush veto
Apr 27,2007 00:00 by UPI

WASHINGTON - The White House quickly criticized legislation approved by the U.S. Senate that ties $124 billion in war spending to withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq.

"Eighty days after President Bush submitted his troop funding bill, the Senate has now joined the House in passing defeatist legislation that insists on a date for surrender, micromanages our commanders and generals in combat zones from 6,000 miles away, and adds billions of dollars in unrelated spending to the fighting on the ground," said Dana Perino, the spokeswoman for U.S. President George Bush said Thursday shortly after the Senate passed the funding legislation.

The bill would tie continued U.S. participation in Iraq to benchmarks met by the Iraqi government and would begin pulling U.S. combat troops out of the country by Oct. 1. The Senate passed the legislation on a 51-46 vote Thursday.

Congressional Democratic leaders acknowledged they didn't have enough votes to override the expected presidential veto and they were not in agreement on how to handle the war-funding matter after the veto came, The New York Times reported.

Some Democrats wanted to pass the same legislation without the timelines that the president found objectionable, while others wished to pass legislation that would fund the troops for only a few months.

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