Pastor: Virginia Tech killer 'possessed'
May 07,2007 00:00 by UPI

WASHINGTON - A church pastor said he wanted to rid Virginia Tech shooter Cho Seung-hui of "demonic power" before the troubled student went on his shooting rampage.

"His problem needed to be solved by spiritual power," the Rev. Dong Cheol Lee of the One Mind Church in Woodbridge, Va., told Sunday's Washington Post. "We were helping several people like him."

Cho's mother, Hyang In Cho, contacted Lee for help to release her son from demonic powers, the Post said. But Cho returned to Virginia Tech to start his senior year before the church could act.

New details suggest Cho's mental state worsened in his senior year as he became more isolated and his attention to his classes dropped, the Post reported. Relatives said Cho had suffered from a mental disability from a young age.

Cho killed 32 people and himself April 16 in the deadliest shooting rampage by one person in U.S. history.

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