Bush declares disaster in Kansas
May 07,2007 00:00 by UPI

WICHITA, Kan. - President George W. Bush declared a major disaster in Kansas Sunday as more storms roared across the U.S. midsection.

Six states were on alert one day after a tornado killed at least nine people in Kansas. More than 60 touchdowns were reported Saturday night in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and Iowa, the National Weather Service said.

Rescuers searched for people trapped in rubble in devastated Greensburg, Kan.

The twister leveled most of Greensburg and left people walking the streets in shock, witness Darin Brunin told CNN.

The president ordered federal aid to supplement state and local recovery efforts.

"It's going to take a long time for the community to recover," said Bush. "There's a certain spirit in the Midwest of our country, a pioneer spirit that still exists, and I'm confident this community will be rebuilt."

Federal assistance can include grants for temporary housing and home repairs and low-cost loans to cover uninsured property losses.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency said damage surveys have been scheduled. More counties and additional forms of assistance may be designated after the assessments have been made.

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