Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Fishing Report
May 04,2007 00:00 by ODFW

ANTELOPE FLAT RESERVOIR: Angling for 14-18 inch carryover rainbow trout should be fair to good. Check with Ochoco National Forest 541-416-6500 for current conditions.

BIG LAVA LAKE: : Big Lava Lake anglers were treated to some nice catches of rainbow trout ranging in length from 12 inches up to 18 inches. As is most often case there were indeed those who returned to shore wondering as to the whereabouts of the fish but on the whole most anglers had something to take home or otherwise show for there efforts. Big Lava Lake is now stocked in part with the recently developed Crane Prairie Redband Trout hatchery strain of fish. This locally derived hatchery trout stock seems appears to performing well in terms of its growth characteristics and its return to the angler.

CLEAR LAKE: Located about 20 miles west of Maupin. Access may be difficult due to snow.

CRANE PRAIRIE RESERVOIR: The Crane Prairie Reservoir fishery continued its improving trend though the weekend still saw some mixed results for anglers. A number of anglers returned to shore empty handed while others had good success catching rainbow trout, brook trout and even a few kokanee. Water conditions seem to be a little cool yet for largemouth bass fishing. The rainbow trout population is in good shape and the opportunities for brook trout are excellent. The kokanee population has increased over previous years and offers opportunity we haven’t seen in quite a while.

CRESCENT LAKE: Kokanee angling was fairly good over the past week with several nice lake trout reportedly caught as well. April is typically a good month to target brown trout, lake trout and kokanee.  Kokanee anglers have had success both jigging and trolling. Kokanee still are holding in deeper water. Trolling shoreline areas in 15 feet of water with a variety of lures has been a successful technique for browns over the few weeks.

CROOKED RIVER BELOW BOWMAN DAM:   Stream flows are predicted to be approximately 500 CFS by the weekend. Recent rains and snowmelt have resulted in increased releases from the dam. Angling conditions are marginal until flows are reduced.

CULTUS LAKE: Anglers were out on the lake over the weekend though there are no reports from anglers on their success. Spring is the best time to fish for lake trout at Cultus Lake

DAVIS LAKE: Reports of fly anglers catching a few largemouth bass. No reports on the redband trout catch.

DESCHUTES RIVER: Dry fly fishing has been slow; anglers should look at using nymphing tactics in the slow water areas.

Lake Billy Chinook to Benham Falls: No anglers were observed on the river as basis for a report. This is a good time to fish the middle Deschutes for brown trout and rainbow trout.

EAST LAKE: As of Monday the lake was still about 90 percent ice covered. There is access to open water via the Hotsprings boat ramp.

ELK LAKE: Elk Lake is not yet accessible.

FALL RIVER: Observations indicate success for rainbow trout was poor during the course of the past week.

FROG LAKE: Located about 20 miles west of Maupin. Access may be difficult due to snow.
HAYSTACK RESERVOIR: Opportunities for 12-18 inch rainbow and brown trout are fair to good. Approximately 100 rainbow trout brood fish will be released this week.

HOSMER LAKE: Hosmer Lake is not yet accessible.

LAKE BILLY CHINOOK: Bull trout angling was fair last week with most fish caught early in the morning or in the evening. Cove Palisades State Park is currently conducting repairs and improvements to the boat ramp on the Crooked River Arm. The only boat ramps open for launching are the upper ramp on the Deschutes Arm and Perry South on the Metolius Arm. This is scheduled to be in effect until May 15. Contact the State Park for current information at 541-546-3412

LITTLE LAVA LAKE Opening weekend anglers reported that Fishing on Little Lava Lake was relatively slow. There is though good number of raninbow trout in Little Lava Lake ranging from 12 to 19 inches in length. Anglers are encouraged to work the south end of the lake and the lava bed shoreline areas along the east side of the lake.

METOLIUS RIVER: No anglers were interviewed over the weekend.

NORTH TWIN: Anglers reported fair success at North Twin. Late winter/early spring at North Twin Lake provides a good opportunity for rainbow trout which carried over from the summer of 2006.

OCHOCO RESERVOIR: Opportunities for 12-16 inch rainbow trout are fair to good. Boat anglers generally target the upper end of the reservoir near the mouths of Mill and Ochoco Creeks this time of year. Bullhead angling at the east end of the reservoir should be excellent

ODELL LAKE: A number of Odell Lake anglers were back on shore drinking coffee by 9 am having taken their limit of 25 kokanee. Sunday on Odell was not quite as productive as Saturday though it still produced stringers 10 – 15 kokanee and many satisfied fisherman by days end. Kokanee are running 10 to 12 inches in length. Several very nice lake trout were also reported to have been caught. Anglers should be on the lake at daylight for best results.

PAULINA LAKE: As of Monday the lake was 80 percent ice free. A number of anglers were able to fish some areas of open water over the weekend. They reported catching kokanee in the 10 inch size range and a number of smaller brown trout. Please check with Paulina Lake Lodge for an up-to date status of the ice conditions.

PINE HOLLOW: ODFW will stock in mid-March.

PRINEVILLE RESERVOIR: Opportunities for 12-16 inch rainbow trout are fair to good. Bullhead angling in the upper end of the reservoir should be excellent. The northside access road is open.

ROCK CREEK RESERVOIR: Located near Wamic. ODFW will stock this waterbody in the spring.

SOUTH TWIN: Saturday on South Twin Lake saw more than a few boats returning to shore before 9 am with anglers having caught their limit for the day. More than a few 2 ½ pound rainbow trout were caught along with one noteworthy 4 1/2 pound rainbow trout and many 12 - 14 inch fish. Anglers were seen catching fish over the course of both Saturday and Sunday and seemed more than happy with the catch and weather.  South Twin Lake provides good opportunity for 10 to 16 inch rainbow trout. The lake has good shoreline access and provides good shelter from the wind.

SUTTLE LAKE.  No weekend reports from anglers.   Springtime at Suttle Lake provides good opportunity for brown trout and kokanee.

WICKIUP RESERVOIR: Wickiup Reservoir anglers reported reeling in some nice brown trout and kokanee. It was notable that one angler took home as part of his bag two 20 inch kokanee. IN addition to brown trout and kokanee rainbow trout and largemouth bass are also available for the angler

WALTON LAKE: Opportunities for carryover rainbow trout up to 16 inches should be fair to good. The gate to the campground is closed and anglers will have to walk the last ¼ mile to the lake.