Woman says normally funny Spector turned 'demonic'
May 08,2007 00:00 by Matt Krasnowski

LOS ANGELES - A woman who dated Phil Spector testified Monday that the famed record producer turned "demonic" and forced her at gunpoint to go to his bedroom and disrobe, and then tried to have sex with her.

Dianne Ogden, a music talent coordinator who once worked for Spector, is the second woman in his murder trial to tell of two sides of the music legend. Ogden told jurors that Spector was a funny thoughtful gentleman, but fought back tears when describing violent episodes with him.

"He wasn't my Phil, not the man I loved," Ogden testified. "He was demonic. It was scary. It scared the hell out of me."

Prosecutors contend that the accounts of Ogden and other women support their theory that a drunken Spector, 67, shot actress Lana Clarkson, 40, as she was trying to leave his home on Feb. 3, 2003. Spector, who has pleaded not guilty, has said Clarkson shot herself.

Ogden's testimony also marked the first time jurors witnessed the, at times, thunderous cross-examination style of Spector attorney Bruce Cutler, the New York lawyer whose health concerns brought the trial to a stop last week.

On the day of his return to court, Cutler drew sharp rebukes from Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler when the lawyer shouted questions at Ogden.

"Mr. Cutler, you need to stop yelling," Fidler said, in one of several reprimands.

Earlier, Ogden, who said she only came to court when subpoenaed, testified that in 1989 she tried to leave Spector's home and he screamed at her while holding a rifle and later a handgun.

"He wanted me to go upstairs to his bedroom," Ogden said.

She then said Spector asked her to take off some of her clothes.

"He wanted to rape me," she said.

When they were in the bedroom she said she didn't know where his guns were, but she didn't see him put them away.

Ogden later said she never had a sexual relationship with Spector.

"Did you that night?" asked Deputy District Attorney Patrick Dixon.

"He tried," she said.

Ogden said that the next morning she woke to hear Spector singing in his shower "like nothing happened."

She said she thought, "Did I just dream that?"

Ogden said she didn't want to bring up the incident with Spector and he never mentioned it or apologized.

But a couple of months later she said Spector again confronted her, this time with an "Uzi," as she tried to leave his home.

She said that she raced off his property in her car, ducking for fear he would fire at her.

Earlier, jurors heard audio recordings of telephone messages Spector left with Dorothy Melvin, who testified last month that he struck her in the head and threatened her with guns at his Pasadena home.

In one message, Spector apologizes, telling Melvin, "You never did anything wrong, it was all me, you know and I'm really sorry about my inexcusable behavior."

But Spector called another time and said, "... be careful what you say to me because nothing you say to me is worth your life. Goodbye, Dorothy."

Testimony is set to resume Wednesday.