Fitness Forum: Lifting move focuses on stability and balance
May 04,2007 00:00 by CNS

It only takes one leg to perform this exercise, which works on the deltoids, triceps and balance.

THE MOVES: Alternating overhead dumbbell press while standing on one leg.

WORKS ON: Deltoids, triceps, trunk stabilization, balance.

STORK PRESS - To work the deltoid and triceps, firefighter Nancy Shuster alternates lifting dumbbells overhead while lifting the opposite leg off the ground for balance work. CNS Photo by Nadia Borowski Scott. 
SETUP: Select a pair of dumbbells that are slightly lower than your normal overhead press. Raise both weights to the starting position (hands immediately in front of and slightly to the side of the shoulder).

STEPS: Firm the right leg and raise the left leg just off the ground. When you are steady, slowly press one arm up and return to the starting position. Alternate arms until you have done six repetitions. Without lowering the weights, switch your stance to the other leg and perform six more, alternating repetitions.

REPETITIONS: Perform three sets of 12 repetitions.

PRECAUTIONS: This activity is not intended for someone with poor balance. It is useful to stimulate trunk stabilization and coordination of the upper and lower extremities. Progress slowly with weight increases as they will be magnified in an unstable posture. Make sure the area is clear around you in case you have to drop a weight.

OPTIONS: Once comfortable, you can add challenge by standing on a "balance disc" or any other suitable platform.

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