In Fashion: The nude neutrals - beauty tips for spring and summer
May 04,2007 00:00 by Sharon_Mosley

It's time to lighten up. Pull on your camisole, a sheer tunic top, slip into your gauzy skirt and slide into those sandals; summer is on its way. And it's also time to get a little daring and go nude - that is get ready to bare your face.

THE SHEER LOOK - Lighten up for the warmer months with delicate nude makeup and subtle color. Shown here is the Nudist collection from Prescriptives. CNS Photo courtesy of Estee Lauder. 
"Everything becomes lighter in feeling around the summer months," says Jillian Veran, director of color artistry at Prescriptives, where the newest collection of makeup palette reflects fashion's fascination with soft colors of delicate nudes infused with pale shimmering accents.

"Summer is about sheer washes of color," adds Veran, who urges women to soften their eye makeup and focus on cheeks and lips.

"Luminosity is king during the summer months," she says, "but with the bright sunlight, you don't want to overdo it."

This makeup expert recommends using a highlighter over blush to create a veil of reflective light "that isn't over the top."

On a light to medium skin tone, Veran suggests mixing a drop of self-tanner into your facial moisturizer to bring a hint of warmth to your skin.

"Light colors will play off the skin better with a slightly richer backdrop," she says.

If you have pale skin, she advises choosing an all-over color complexion enhancer rather than a bronzer that may be too overpowering. In the Prescriptives line, Pressed Powder Leaves in Royal Radiance shade adds a soft veil of color to the skin, according to Veran without looking too brown or orange.

Cheeks are another way to lighten up on summer makeup. "Sun-kissed" is the operative word, says Veran. She suggests using a blush that mixes several colors together to achieve the sheerest look of beautiful color.

"Apply to the apples of the cheek and top of nose to create a soft 'kissed by the sun' look," says Veran.

Lip color also takes on a soft and sheer look in summer.

"If you are used to wearing a rich lip color, try switching to lip gloss in the same tone to keep the intensity, but have a softer finish," adds Veran. "If you like to wear soft, nude colors, always use a lip gloss over them to create a sheer summery look."

And if the nude makeup you are using has a hint of color, make sure it's not dark.

"A gray-based nude will deaden the look," says Veran. "Opt for a nude with a hint of pink, peach or bronze in it."

Summer is a great time to skip the lip liner too, she says.

"If you need to create more shape to the lip, use a pencil two or three shades lighter than your lipstick," Veran suggests. "You don't want any heavy lines. Keep it on the light side."

Sharon Mosley is a former fashion editor of the Arkansas Gazette in Little Rock and executive director of the Fashion Editors and Reporters Association.

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