Couple sees bear kill moose in driveway
May 09,2007 00:00 by UPI

HOMER, Alaska - A man and his wife in Homer, Alaska, have a new respect for grizzly bears after witnessing one killing and feeding on a large moose in their driveway.

Gary and Terri Lyon told the Homer News they were awakened to the sound of deep growling early Sunday morning, and first thought it was their dog.

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However, when they saw the large bear about to finish off the moose, they grabbed a video camera and recorded the gory event.

They called Alaska State Troopers, who also summoned state fish and game officials, but the bear had left by the time they arrived.

The moose carcass was harvested by a local charity for salvageable meat, the newspaper said.

Lyon said the bear has returned at least twice, leaving tracks in the unpaved driveway that measure nine inches across.

He told the newspaper he has redoubled efforts to remove anything that smells like food outside his home and has sprayed the yard with bleach as a deterrent.

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