Honda unveils hydrogen fuel cell sedan
May 11,2007 00:00 by UPI

WASHINGTON - Honda has announced it will lease some hydrogen fuel cell sedans in the United States next year.

The company unveiled a prototype of the car in Washington, USA Today reported. Honda also said it plans to sell a mass-market hybrid sedan next year that will cost less than the Civic hybrid now on the market for $25,000.

Hydrogen fuel cell cars run on electricity generated in a fuel-cell stack in the vehicle. Honda has leased about 20 fuel-cell cars in the United States, most of them operated by state and local government agencies.

"We started with fleets, added a few consumers," said Steve Ellis, in charge of marketing the vehicles for Honda. "Now we're going to swing the pendulum. Clearly the consumer focus is where we need to put more attention."

The company is working on making hydrogen more available. There are now only a handful of hydrogen fueling stations across the country.

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