In Fashion: Sure signs of being a cool mom
May 11,2007 00:00 by Sharon_Mosley

Yes, Moms, it's time to unite and get your fashion stuff together. It's not just enough to toss those baggy "mom" jeans and grungy T-shirts out of your closet; it's time to celebrate that you're a grown-up and live a little. Then you'll know you're a cool, chic mom when ...


MOTHER'S DAY - Brighten up your Mom's wardrobe with bold color. This orange V-back dress and cardigan is by Isaac Mizrahi and available at Target. CNS Photo courtesy of Target.

You actually think about how you look on a daily basis. You're not just running through life in those same old sweats and flip-flops everyday juggling car pool and grocery store lines with your hair tied back in a messy pony tail.

You look at a fashion magazine occasionally and keep up with what's happening with trends. You're not afraid to re-evaluate your wardrobe and add a few new things that fit your personality. A new orange dress perhaps? A pair of oversize sunglasses?

You don't try to dress like a teenager, but you do like to dress with a youthful spirit. No bare bellies, miniskirts or tight jeans for you; instead you wear clothes that flatter and fit but are still current. Try a new platform sandal with your khaki chinos, hot pink polo and cropped jacket.

You love to wear bold color. Some of us moms may be stuck in the black rut, but when spring and summer arrive, it's just too tempting to brighten up our winter wardrobes by adding a punch of color in a new marine blue tunic over white pants.

You like to mix it up. Contemporary style means mixing and matching the classic with the modern. Don't get too predictable and wear the "uniform" you've depended on for the last 10 years. You also like to mix "high and low" - haute couture with bargain finds.

You think creatively. If you're a mom who works in an office, find a different way to put your suits together - perhaps a blouse that's untucked and belted underneath your jacket or a big piece of statement jewelry like a cuff bracelet or multi-strand necklace to give you some extra pizzazz.

You don't overdo it. Your clothes don't glitter and glow like a Vegas nightclub sign. Your makeup is subtle - harsh red lipstick and dark rouged cheeks are so yesterday. Ditto stiff, teased "helmut" hairdos that are glued in place with gummy hair spray.

You love accessories. This is one of the best ways to cross over the fashion generations. The funky earrings your daughter wears might be great with that dress you bought last year; you can never have enough handbags; and new shoes always elevate a stylish look. There are even plenty of fashion sneakers out there to give your everyday casual clothes an updated appearance.

You get it. Or at least you're always trying. It's easier than ever to be a stylish mom with Internet shopping available at all hours of the day, as well as hair and nail salons open from early in the morning until late at night to accommodate busy schedules. It's important to look good and then you know the rest - you'll feel good too!

Sharon Mosley is a former fashion editor of the Arkansas Gazette in Little Rock and executive director of the Fashion Editors and Reporters Association. © Copley News Service