Grand Jury indicts Crook County Sheriff
May 14,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

Friday, the Crook County Grand Jury indicted Crook County Sheriff Rodd Clark for the crimes of Undue Influence, ORS 260.665, a Class C Felony, and Official Misconduct in the First Degree, ORS 162.415, a Class A Misdemeanor. Clark will be arraigned in the Crook County Circuit Court on June 6, 2007.

Crook County Sheriff Rodd Clark - CCSO photo 
The indictment alleges that Clark committed two crimes at a meeting with employees of the Crook County Sheriff’s office on August 31, 2005. Count I of the indictment alleges that Clark subjected “another person to undue influence with the intent to induce another person to refrain from being a candidate. Among other prohibitions, Oregon law bars a person from threatening “loss of employment” to induce another person from becoming or continuing as a candidate to elective office.

Count II of the indictment alleges that at the same meeting, Clark knowingly performed an act “which constituted an unauthorized exercise in official duties, with the intent to obtain a benefit.” Oregon Law prohibits public servants from engaging in unauthorized conduct for the purpose of obtaining a personal benefit.

The Oregon Department of Justice conducted the investigation, presented the allegations to the Grand Jury for its consideration and will prosecute the case. A copy of the indictment is available here.