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Jul 28,2006 00:00 by Scott LaFee

LifeNet - www.tissue.org
MEDTRONICA - The LifeNet Web site at www.tissue.org is run by the nation's largest organ donation agency. 
LifeNet is the nation's largest organ donation agency, a bank responsible for procuring and delivering donated organs and tissues. While not very interactive, the Web site offers excellent information on how to get involved, either as a donor or recipient.

Human eyes can see roughly 7 million shades of color. Lemon yellow is the most visible, followed by red.

One-fifth of all medicines are prescribed for treatment of conditions for which they are not approved, according to a survey of American doctors published in Archives of Internal Medicine.

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia - fear of the number 666
This number, according to some numerologists and Rapture waiters, is not only the "mark of the beast" but may mark the beginning of the end of days.

Doctor to patient: You're going to live to be 90.
Patient: I am 90.
Doctor: See, what did I tell you?

"I was a vegetarian until I started leaning toward sunlight."
- Rita Rudner

In some hospitals, visits to patients by friendly dogs is a form of therapy. The dogs boost spirits and may speed recovery.

They may also, apparently, introduce disease.

DOG-GONE GERMS - In some hospitals, visits to patients by friendly dogs is a form of therapy. The dogs boost spirits and may speed recovery. They may also, apparently, introduce disease. CNS Photo. 
A study at the University of Guelph's Ontario Veterinary College in Canada found that 80 percent of so-called "therapy dogs" carry animal diseases capable of infecting humans. The research was published in the current issue of The Journal of Hospital Infection.

Handlers say their dogs are parasite-free, clean, well-groomed and fully vaccinated. But when researchers examined 102 therapy dogs for 18 specific pathogens, they found an astonishing 58 percent carried the Clostridium difficile bacterial strain, a major cause of colitis and diarrhea. Other pathogens detected in the dogs were salmonella, multidrug-resistant E. coli and Pasteurella spp.

Whether therapy dogs pose a significant infection threat isn't known.

"The potential is there, but we don't yet know if it happens," veterinarian Sandra Lefebvre said. "It would depend on a lot of factors, like the immune status of the people interacting with the dogs, if they have an open wound, or if they put their hand in their mouth after handling the dog."

Lefebvre and colleagues are proposing stricter hospital-visit regulations, such as no dogs hopping onto beds and no visits with patients suffering from immune-system problems.

They also recommend that everybody wash hands after a doggy visit.

In 1979, The New England Journal of Medicine noted a new kind of ailment: dog walkers' elbow, which is identified as pain caused by constant tension and tugs from a dog leash.

In 2001, the diet queen Jenny Craig was sitting on her couch, watching TV, when she fell asleep. "My head went forward, so my chin was sort of resting on my chest, and apparently something happened on TV that was loud," she recalled in a later magazine interview.

"It woke me up, my head jerked back and apparently my lower jaw locked over my upper teeth, and I had to pry it down."

The incident triggered a bizarre neurological condition characterized by a form of lockjaw. Craig ended up seeing 18 doctors before being diagnosed with focal dystonia and undergoing corrective surgery.

All of the following have had liposuction: Demi Moore (from her thighs, bottom and stomach); Kenny Rogers (stomach); Don Johnson (chin and cheeks); Dolly Parton (hips and waist); Melanie Griffith (stomach and thighs); Mariah Carey (midsection); and Jamie Lee Curtis (underneath eyes).

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