New cancer treatment may offer hope
May 15,2007 00:00 by UPI

NORMAN, Okla. - A new cancer treatment developed by two University of Oklahoma professors has offered new hope in its reported ability to stop the spread of cancer cells.

The Oklahoman newspaper reported Monday that professors Thomas Pento and Roger Harrison have discovered a new treatment that does not harm healthy normal cells in the body but keeps cancer cells from spreading.

The professors said their treatment works by preventing cancer cells from gaining methionine, an essential protein for the cells to spread.

They said that the treatment involves the use of a fusion protein that does not harm normal cells.

Pento said that the treatment has proven particularly useful in relation to prostate, breast, pancreatic and lung cancers.

"It could be applicable to many types of cancer," Pento said, "but we've found that it's effective for those four types of cancer for sure."

The newspaper said that while the treatment seems promising, additional testing must be conducted for several years to ensure it is safe and effective.

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