Golf Tips: Head cover Drill
Jul 28,2006 00:00 by Tina Mickelson

In an attempt to generate faster swing speed and more distance, many players’ initial move to start their downswing is over the top.  The only result this achieves is a misguided shot.  Try the following drill to train your body to feel the correct move from the top:

Photos by Paul Nasri 
At address put a head cover between your wrists/forearms.  Take your backswing and as you initiate your downswing, make sure you keep that head cover in between your wrists and forearms.  If your right elbow starts to fly and you make that over-the-top move, the head cover will fall out from between your wrists.

Once you have made enough practice swings like this, remove the head cover and try to duplicate that feel from the top into your full swing.  Before actually hitting a ball, take a number of practice swings first.  And when you do hit a golf ball with this swing, pay more attention to duplicating the correct feel rather than to where or how far the ball goes.

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