Report: College prep courses falling short
May 16,2007 00:00 by UPI

IOWA CITY, Iowa - A report from the Iowa-based ACT testing organization has found that college preparation classes are only effective for 26 percent of those who take them.

A study found 74 percent of those who take a full set of the college prep courses are not adequately prepared to move onto the university level in all four scholastic areas tested, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

In addition, the study found that 19 percent of those high school students are not prepared in any area, whether it is English, math, science or social studies.

Entitled "Rigor at Risk: Reaffirming Quality in the High School Core Curriculum," the report said that the problem may lie with college prep courses that do not appropriately challenge students.

Education Trust official Kati Haycock agreed with that assessment, saying many U.S. schools never truly push their students towards collegiate-level studies.

"When you look at the assignments these kids get, it is just appalling," the education advocate told the Times. "A course may be labeled college-preparatory English. But if the kids get more than three-paragraph-long assignments, it is unusual."

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