Prineville water restrictions lifted
May 17,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

The city of Prineville announced today that residents may return to normal water usage and resume irrigation.  Repair work has been completed on two of the three downed wells, and the third and final repair is expected to be completed tonight.

“We ask that residents continue to use the odd/even watering schedule, where houses with odd house numbers water on odd days of the month, and residents with even numbered houses water on even days,” said Robb Corbett, City Manager.  The odd/even schedule helps prevent water "spikes" where abnormally high consumption can occur from too many people watering on the same day.

The City is continuing efforts to expand the water system to meet increased demands, and is hopeful that an additional water well will be brought online soon which will add to the production capacity of the system and prevent a future situation of this nature.  “Once again, we would like to thank residents for their understanding of this situation, and the steps they took to conserve water during this event,” Corbett said.