House unanimously passes food safety bill
May 18,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

House Responses to Recent Pet Food Safety Concerns

SALEM, Ore. – Representative Patti Smith (R-Corbett) announced Thursday the unanimous passage of House Bill 3556, a measure that creates a Food Safety Task Force in reaction to the recent contamination of pet and animal food.

“We live in a global economy.” Rep. Patti Smith said, “we need to ensure that our food supply is a safe and properly inspected, from our farmer’s markets to our products coming in from overseas.”

This five member taskforce will include a member from the Department of Agriculture, a member from the food distributors, a member from the food manufacturers, the State Veterinarian, and one legislator. The group will begin meeting shortly after the 2007 legislative session, and will make recommendations to the Legislature’s during its special session in February 2008.

Their mission will include reviewing issues surrounding pet food safety, animal safety and proposes any necessary changes needed to protect our agriculture industry and its consumers.

“This is a great opportunity to ensure that the legislature has taken all possible steps to assure Oregonians that their food supply is safe,” said Representative Diane Rosenbaum (D-Portland), Chair of the House Elections, Ethics, and Rules Committee which passed the bill to the floor unanimously.

Rep. Smith stated, “I will be diligent to make sure that this bill pass the Senate and is signed by the Governor.”