Al Gore staying out for now
May 18,2007 00:00 by UPI

WASHINGTON -- Al Gore says he has no plans to run for U.S. president, despite a vigorous draft-Gore movement and friends with deep pockets and strong pleas.

Time magazine described Gore Thursday as "the perfect stealth candidate," having "the grass-roots appeal of Barack Obama," the operational toughness of Hillary Clinton and credibility on the world stage.

The former vice president, however, says he has "fallen out of love with politics."

The magazine said Democratic political, environmental and business leaders are still trying to talk him into running. "We have dug ourselves into a 20-foot hole, and we need somebody who knows how to build a ladder. Al's the guy," Apple's Steve Jobs told Time. "Like many others, I have tried my best to convince him. So far, no luck."

Tipper Gore said she is happy to see her husband freed from politics after 30 years but says she would support him if he decided to get back in the game. "If the feeling came over him and he had to do it, of course I'd be with him," she said.

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