Tribe of Warm Springs drops COCC Program
Feb 11,2006 00:00 by Susan Henderson

The Confederate Tribes of Warm Springs has decided not to renew its educational services contract with Central Oregon Community College (COCC) due to a budgetary decision.  For the first time in 25 years COCC will not have an educational center on the reservation, but Laaurain Hintsala, chief operating officer of Warm Springs insists there was no dissatisfaction with COCC.

According to Cody Yeager, former center director, "The center was very unique. Unlike the others all over the district, Warm Springs was able to survive because of the tribal money. It was such a huge advantage for the tribes to have a college right on the reservation, but now it's gone."

Any students who were attending COCC in the Warm Springs Center will need to attend at different campuses either at Bend or Redmond. Transplaned students will need to arrange their own transportation to the other campus.

Yeager, the former center directory will continue her employment with Central Oregon Community College as the Native American advisor.