Expert: Padilla prints on terror document
May 18,2007 00:00 by UPI

MIAMI -- Prints found on an alleged al-Qaida questionnaire match those of terror suspect Jose Padilla, a government analyst said Thursday.

Secret Service Fingerprint Specialist John Morgan said seven fingerprints on a document titled "mujahadeen data form" are matches for those belonging to Padilla, who prosecutors assert was attempting to join a terror training camp in southern Afghanistan in July 2000.

Morgan acknowledged, however, that his analysis could not determine when Padilla might have handled the document.

Defense attorneys for the 36-year-old suspect -- also accused of aiding terror operations worldwide -- have noted that the prints found on the document may have been made while Padilla handled the pages during his incarceration in a Navy brig after his 2002 arrest in Chicago.

According to Morgan, the document was not analyzed for prints until 2006, raising questions from the defense as to its location and who might have had access to it during those six years.

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