Flour, bread added to Zimbabwe shortages
May 18,2007 00:00 by UPI

HARARE, Zimbabwe - Authorities in Zimbabwe said this week that in addition to massive water and energy shortages, residents will likely soon faces bread and flour losses.

The African nation's government said that due to shortages in gasoline and tractors, this year's crop of wheat would be significantly less than expected and shortages would occur in related products, the New Zimbabwean said Thursday.

Wednesday's announcement of the newest shortages to impact the country comes after government officials informed citizens that power supplies would be limited to aid in irrigation efforts.

The likely shortages will also do little to improve Zimbabwe's struggling economy, which has seen its inflation levels top 2,200 percent.

While officials said a portion of the planned wheat crop was recently planted, only two weeks remain in the nation's usual planting season.

The New Zimbabwean said that the likely ensuing shortages of bread and flour will not significantly endanger citizens though, as the nation relies primarily upon its annual maize harvest for food.

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