Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Fishing Report
May 18,2007 00:00 by ODFW

ANTELOPE FLAT RESERVOIR: Angling for 14-18 inch carryover rainbow trout are excellent. Will be stocked with legal sized trout this week.

BIG LAVA LAKE: Big Lava Lake catches slowed over the weekend and the first of the week coinciding with the start of the annual midge hatch. The fish will be fairly preoccupied feeding on the abundant midges over the course of this week and into early next week. The hatch should begin to abate going into next week with the fishing getting back up to speed as midge numbers drop. 

CLEAR LAKE: Located about 20 miles west of Maupin. Access may be difficult due to snow.

CRANE PRAIRIE RESERVOIR: Crane Prairie Reservoir  is providing some nice catches of rainbow trout and brook trout. Largemouth bass and kokanee are also showing up as part of the weekly creel. The Crane Prairie is rainbow trout population is better shape than it has been in a number of  years and the opportunities for brook trout are also excellent. The kokanee population has increased over previous years and offers opportunity we haven’t seen in quite a while.

CRESCENT LAKE: Brown trout  catches at Crescent Lake have slowed though folks are still having good success for  kokanee.

CROOKED RIVER BELOW BOWMAN DAM:   Stream flows are currently 250 CFS. Flows should be at this level through the remainder of the spring and summer. Opportunities for 8-16 inch redband trout are fair while whitefish opportunities are excellent.

CULTUS LAKE: Anglers were out on the lake over the weekend though there are  no reports from anglers on their successes. Spring is the best time to fish for lake trout at Cultus Lake

DAVIS LAKE: Reports are that anglers are having fair success catching largemouth bass.

DESCHUTES RIVER: Lake Billy Chinook to Benham Falls: No anglers were observed on the river as basis for a report. This is a good time to fish the middle Deschutes for brown trout and rainbow trout.

Benham Falls to Wickiup Reservoir: Opens to angling May 26.

Wickiup to Crane Prairie Reservoir: Opens to angling May 26.

Crane Prairie to Little Lava Lake: Opens to angling May 26.

EAST LAKE:  Anglers are reportedly catching rainbow trout, brown trout and a surprising number of Atlantic salmon. The Atlantics are averaging 12 inches in length.

ELK LAKE: Elk Lake is not yet accessible.

FALL RIVER: No report.

FROG LAKE: Located about 20 miles west of Maupin. Access may be difficult due to snow.

HAYSTACK RESERVOIR: Opportunities for 12-18 inch rainbow and brown trout are fair to good.

HOSMER LAKE: Hosmer Lake is not yet accessible.

LAKE BILLY CHINOOK: Bull trout angling is slow. Smallmouth bass opportunities are good. Brown and rainbow trout angling in the upper ends of the Deschutes and Crooked River Arms has been good. Recent surveys indicate kokanee numbers are fair with fish averaging 10-12 inches and in very good condition. All boat ramps are operational.

LAKE SIMTUSTUS- Opportunities for 8-10 inch rainbow trout are excellent. A limited number of carryover trout from 14-18 inches are also available. Tribal angling permit as well as State license is required.

LITTLE LAVA LAKE No weekend angler reports from the past week for that  Little Lava Lake.. There is though good number of rainbow trout in Little Lava Lake ranging from 12 to 19 inches in length. Anglers are encouraged to work the south end of the lake and the lava bed shoreline areas along the east side of the lake.

METOLIUS RIVER: No anglers were interviewed over the weekend. Anglers are still waiting on the green drake hatch. 

NORTH TWIN: Angling has been a bit  slow on North Twin over the past week. . Late winter/early spring at North Twin Lake provides a good opportunity for rainbow trout which carried over from the summer of 2006.

OCHOCO RESERVOIR: Opportunities for 12-16 inch rainbow trout are fair to good. Boat anglers generally target the upper end of the reservoir near the mouths of Mill and Ochoco Creeks this time of year. Bullhead angling at the east end of the reservoir should be excellent

ODELL LAKE:  Odell is still producing very good catches of kokanee for anglers. Kokanee are running 9 to 12 inches in length Anglers should be on the lake at daylight and late in day for best results.

PAULINA LAKE: Anglers are reporting good catches of kokanee in the 8 – 10 inch range.  The brown trout fishing is still a little on the slow side.

PINE HOLLOW: ODFW will stock in mid-March.

PRINEVILLE RESERVOIR: Opportunities for 12-16 inch rainbow trout are fair to good.

ROCK CREEK RESERVOIR: Located near Wamic. ODFW will stock this waterbody in the spring.

SOUTH TWIN: The weekend fishing on South Twin was reported to be slowed quite a bit. South Twin Lake provides good opportunity for 10 to 16 inch rainbow trout. The lake has good shoreline access and provides good shelter from the wind.

SUTTLE LAKE.  No weekend reports from anglers.   Springtime at Suttle Lake provides good opportunity for brown trout and kokanee.

WALTON LAKE: Opportunities for legal sized rainbow trout are excellent. Carryover rainbow trout up to 16 inches are also available. The gate to the campground is closed and anglers will have to walk the last ¼ mile to the lake.

WICKIUP RESERVOIR: Wickiup Reservoir anglers reported that fishing was slow over the past week.