Upcoming Three Flags traffic safety campaign will increase patrols
May 18,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office will be increasing traffic patrols as part of the upcoming “Three Flags Traffic Safety Campaign” scheduled May 21 to June 3.  During daylight hours, deputies will be enforcing seatbelt and child restraint violations, with additional emphasis placed on the proper wear of the seatbelt and passengers riding in pickup beds.  Deputies will be enforcing other traffic violations as well.  The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office will also be increasing traffic patrols during nighttime hours to focus on DUII enforcement.  The campaign will run from May 21, 2007 through June 3, 2007.

The Three Flags Campaign is an international traffic enforcement program and involves hundreds of law enforcement agencies in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.  Since October 1993, the campaign has sought to reduce the number of motor vehicle related deaths and injuries by increasing public awareness of laws regarding safety belt use and other traffic issues including DUII and speed.

Oregon’s crash fatality and injury rates have dropped 46% and 45% respectively, since passage of the adult seatbelt law in 1990.  That, coupled with active enforcement, has resulted in 2005 Oregon safety belt use rate of 93% (front seat occupants) and 96% (all seating), making Oregon one of the top five belt-use states in the U.S.  Observed seatbelt use among Oregon pickup truck and sports car drivers is slightly lower at 91%.  The national average seatbelt use rate (all states) is 80% for front-seat occupants.