Sunriver water OK, signs warning of pollution unauthorized
May 18,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

On Wednesday, May 16, signs were distributed in the Sunriver area that warned of locally polluted water.   The signs were not created or distributed by Deschutes County or the Sunriver Utility Company. 

The Sunriver water system routinely samples all of its wells for bacterial and chemical contaminants and has not recently detected pollution beyond acceptable levels. There is currently no indication that Sunriver groundwater has any contaminants at levels that would have negative health effects.

Had there been an actual water quality alert, Deschutes County Environmental Health and the Sunriver Utility Company would have immediately provided official information to the public through rapid forms of communication.  

Deschutes County, in conjunction with the State Department of Environmental Quality and the United States Geological Survey, is currently evaluating options to preserve the high quality of drinking water in southern Deschutes County.

If homeowners on private wells have concerns regarding nitrates or other contaminants in their drinking water, Deschutes County encourages them to have their water tested by an approved laboratory.  For more information about local water testing laboratories, please visit the Deschutes County Community Development Department web site at: http// and click on the “Public Water System” link.

For additional information about the unauthorized signs recently posted in Sunriver or about drinking water quality in Deschutes County, please call the County’s Community Development Department at 388-6563.