23 die in Mexico violence outbreak
May 19,2007 00:00 by UPI

ARIZPE, Mexico - Authorities scoured northern Mexico Friday, looking for remnants of a drug cartel after shootings left least 17 of its men and six police officers dead.

Mexican state police and an estimated 50 Gulf cartel gunmen clashed Wednesday in Arizpe, about 70 miles southeast of Nogales, The Dallas Morning News reported Friday. The battle left at least 17 of the gunmen dead as police fired on their vehicles from a helicopter as they fled into the hills. Earlier in the day, the gunmen allegedly had killed five police officers in the nearby town of Cananea, about 30 miles south of the U.S. border, the newspaper reported.

Then on Thursday, state Investigative Police Commander Pedro Cordova Herrera was fatally shot as he got out of his truck in Hermosillo. It was not clear whether that slaying was related to the previously shootings.

Hundreds of police and soldiers spent Friday hunting for the rest of the suspected cartel gunmen. Rumors that the town of Cananea might come under attack caused schools and businesses to close but police said there was no evidence of an imminent attack.

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