Sunriver Resort Offers Free Shuttles To Employees
Aug 03,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

Added benefit for employees and environment

Sunriver Resort has announced a new and extended free seasonal shuttle service for its employees.  Employees can rescue their paychecks from rising gas prices by commuting to work – reducing energy consumption and pollution one work day at a time.  The service began in 2002, with one shuttle picking up Bend residents five days a week and LaPine residents seven days a week.  Now two 14-passenger vans cover two routes in Bend and the LaPine area, picking up and dropping off at six locations, ten times daily.

Sunriver Resort 
In the busy summer season over 900 people are employed at Sunriver Resort, creating a large demand for the shuttle service. 
After riding the shuttle from Bend for one month, a full-time employee can save over $150 in gas costs and avoid putting almost 800 miles on their car. 

Recently named Commute Options’ 2006 Employer of the Year, Sunriver Resort continues to develop and promote environmentally friendly programs, honoring the pristine location of the resort.  In addition to the free shuttle service, Sunriver Resort rewards employees with $20 gift certificates to Central Oregon businesses for every 45 round trips employees carpool, vanpool, bike or walk to work.  The smart transportation choices initiated by Sunriver Resort is an added employee benefit, helping to reduce commuting costs and promote a healthier lifestyle; while the entire community can enjoy improved air quality, reduced energy consumption and traffic congestion. 

“I am proud of Sunriver Resort for standing firmly behind our employees who have a desire to participate in an environmentally friendly initiative and make a smart personal finance decision,” said Brian Hughes, General Manager.  “The time is right to enhance our vanpool transportation service for our employees.  The decision to fund this program is aligned with Sunriver Resort's desire to be a sought after employer and a responsible member of the global community.”