Bush seeks more Iran sanctions
May 24,2007 00:00 by UPI

WASHINGTON - U.N. sanctions against Iran because of its continued nuclear program development need to be strengthened, U.S. President George Bush said.

Bush, addressing the first question in a White House Rose Garden news conference Thursday, said he would discuss Iran's nuclear ambitions and the need for more sanctions with other leaders from U.N. Security Council nations.

The International Atomic Energy Agency this week said Iran's nuclear program was ongoing and Iranian leaders said it would continue even if the Security Council toughens sanctions.

Iran is constantly on his agenda, Bush said, "because (Iran's leaders) continue to be defiant as to the demands of the free world. The world has spoken and said, 'you know, no nuclear weapons programs' and yet they're constantly ignoring the demands."

Bush said what the other Security Council leaders "have got to understand is that an Iran with a nuclear weapon would be incredibly destabilizing for the world. It's in their interests that we work collaboratively to continue to isolate that regime."

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