Smoke from ‘Fuzzy’ controlled burns should decrease today
May 24,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

BEND, Ore. — The winds shifted out of the south and southwest at approximately two o’clock Wednesday morning, causing heavy smoke from Tuesday’s “Fuzzy” controlled burns to settle into the Sundance Subdivision and Horse Butte area southeast of Bend. This shift was forecast for Wednesday evening, but occurred earlier than expected.

Fire Boss John Erwert reported yesterday afternoon that the smoke is clearing, and there should be less smoke this morning. “There will likely still be some pooling of smoke in the Sundance area, due to its location down slope from Fuzzy #20. Local residents should expect to see some smoke coming from the burn areas over the next few days,” said Erwert.

There were ten engine crews working on the burn yesterday, and there will be engines on both burn units throughout Memorial Day weekend. After the holiday, staffing will be reduced to daily patrols.

Both burns were successfully contained and controlled within their perimeters through yesterday, with some minor spotting outside the lines. Mop-up of the areas is focused on the perimeters and spots within the interior that create the heaviest smoke.

These were large burns that were ignited fast with aerial support. This is a less costly method of reducing fuels in the wild land urban interface in Central Oregon than that of managing smaller burns over a longer period of time.