Oslo averts major gas cylinder explosion
May 29,2007 00:00 by UPI

OSLO, Norway - Firefighters and police averted a series of gas cylinder explosions during a fire at an Oslo, Norway, construction site but traffic into the city was snarled.

One gas cylinder caught fire Tuesday at a housing construction project east of the downtown core in Oslo and, because so may other cylinders were nearby, police evacuated everyone with 300 yards, banned air traffic over the site and closed an adjacent major highway and tunnel during rush hour, Aftenposten reported.

Oslo police spokesman Vidar Hjulsad told the newspaper the main concern with the fire was the potential for other tanks that might have small leaks to explode.

Firefighters kept hoses running on the other tanks to keep them cool while police sharpshooters were called to shatter the tanks harmlessly, the report said.

The emergency situation ended after several hours, although traffic in the city's narrow streets was expected to take longer to return to normal, Aftenposten said.

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