Bend City Budget Committee approves amended biennial budget
May 29,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

The City of Bend Budget Committee approved the 2007-2009 proposed biennial budget as amended on Thursday.  The Budget Committee is comprised of the Bend City Council and six citizen members. The original proposed budget of $476 million was amended to include reductions in several departments. The motion passed ten to two with one citizen member abstaining.

The proposed two-year budget will be presented to City Council on June 20th for adoption.

Below are the main departmental areas in which the Budget Committee proposed to reduce appropriations:

Biennial Budget 2007-2009

·                     Community Development Department: $1,312,000

·                     Public Works Department: $1,449,600

o Engineering Division

o Water Division

o Facilities

The departments and programs listed below did not have their proposed budgets reduced.  

Biennial Budget 2007-2009

·                     Fire

·                     Police

·                     Economic Development

·                     Transit  

·                     Accessibility Construction

·                     Affordable Housing