Bend City Police Blotter - Week of Aug 02
Aug 11,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources


During the week, there were 2 reports of stolen bicycles with an estimated value of $1,440.   DUII arrests totaled 5, and there were 10 Warrant arrests made.

§         8/2. Cordially Invited on SE 34d Street reported the theft of their cash register and $1500 worth of jewelry. Suspect apparently entered through an unlocked door.

§         8/2. A man was arrested after allegedly showing up at the Deschutes County District Attorney’s office, extremely intoxicated and belligerent.  The judge revoked his release on a pending DUII charge and he was arrested.

§         8/4. Elk Meadow Elementary School reported $200 in graffiti damage, where among other miscellaneous graffiti were spray-painted marijuana leaves.

§         8/4. Haines Distributing reported $500 damage to their 96 Ford Van. While the vehicle was parked and locked, someone broke the two rear windows. There are no suspects or leads.

§         8/4. A Bend woman of NW William Clark reported $1000 in damage to the trunk lid of her Cadillac Deville, when someone threw a large watermelon at her car.

§         8/5. A Bend man was arrested for DUII after drinking about 3 rum & cokes at The Golf Club. He had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit, and when asked if he felt the effects of the alcohol he answered, “Oh, I do.” When asked to further describe the effects, he replied “A little bit buoyant • or whatever.”

§         8/5. A Bend man was arrested for breaking the “no alcohol” clause of his parole when he was spotted staggering into traffic and waving at cars at the intersection of SE 27th & Reed Market Road.