Baghdad residents go hungry
Jun 01,2007 00:00 by UPI

BAGHDAD -- Violence in Baghdad has made paying for food, and even getting to the market, difficult, straining many families' diets.

Unemployment is high. Electricity is erratic, so many people cannot store perishable food.

"Even my family does not eat meat too much; maybe when we have visitors and guests," Jenan, a 20-year-old university graduate, told The Washington Times.  Jenan works as a translator, bringing in her family's only income. She is staying behind when the rest go to Syria because she cannot afford to leave the job.

The Al Arabiya network estimates that 65 percent of Baghdad residents could be classified as poor. Said Hakky, president of the Iraqi Red Crescent, said 150,000 food parcels are distributed to families every month.

Persistent fighting and numerous checkpoints keep many farmers from bringing meat and produce into the city.

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