Major NSA FBI investigation into the use of MK-Ultra in Arizona
Jun 01,2007 00:00 by D. Opalman - La Pine

The F.B.I. in Tucson Arizona was ordered by the Pentagon to start a federal investigation into the use of MK-Ultra by a masonic group of people involved with drug running in Mena Arkansas in 1998.

As they investigated up until now the investigation has cost over sixty million dollars and is still ongoing.
The investigation was joint with the N.S.A. and Department of Defense which they were using fighter jets to intercept the MK-Ultra being used. As the investigation was transpiring they ordered satellites to be over Tucson and Green Valley Arizona.

I was working with S.I.S. from the UK end and was deemed for the U.S. Airforce Space Program but I recently reclined when they told me that I would have to go into surgery and get seven censor implanted in my throat.

In 2005 as the investigating was ongoing they came to find out that their was a major drug running operation going on with the sheriff and chief of police of Tucson Arizona and many members of the masons and elks lodges. In 2004 there was a Border Patrol chief that committed suicide on the I-10 in Tucson just after a meeting with the Governor as the investigation went on the chief of police was using Mk-Ultra (radio frequency surveillance) and had the Border Patrol Chief kill himself.

As I was working with S.I.S. agents to get the truth and how big this was we came to the understanding that this illegal operation was diversified in many fields of criminal activity. The investigation branched out to Washington State, Nevada, Arkansas and the UK. This now was a conspiracy with thousands of people involved.

Now I was at the point where I was being inflicted with EMF and my life was at risk , many of times they tried to kill me because I knew too much. I had become a target and was put on 24/7 EMF surveillance and still am. They would use EMF ( Electro-magnetic Frequency) to induce pain , run up my blood pressure and induce dreams. They used EMF to make me do things then not know why I did them. They even attack my mother and blew her eye out so she had to have surgery.

When that did not work they planet anthrax on a masonic magazine and put it in my mailbox. But the investigation went on . The FBI had intensive surveillance and came to find out that a large family by the name of Johnson’s were involved with the masons and the police and had ties to the illegal drug running and murder.

The FBI found that back in 1999 when I was an Elks officer and was harassed because I would not be involved with the illegal use of EMF on people. They dug deeper and found that the Johnson family and the chief of police of Tucson and the Sheriff of Pima County Arizona were all involved with the drug running and they came across something more devastating , their was FBI agents involved.

Now the NSA came into the picture when this was uncovered that their was FBI agents and Police involved at the Elks lodges and many other fraternal orders using EMF for gain. They would use the EMF on members of the ELKS lodge on members in the hospital with critical care. They would send the sheriff or someone that was an officer of the lodge to the members hospital room and get the person by using EMF to change their wills over to the ELKS lodges which was 300 million dollars over twenty years they received.

When this was done and only done with the well to do members then they would use EMF and induce the member with a heart attack and kill him. The investigation became huge and the pressure was on , and now the FBI was being pressured . A FBI agent went on a trip out of state to visit relatives and as he was on his way back to Tucson he ran his car off the road and rolled his vehicle and was killed. The NSA was looking into the matter in 2007 and they came to find that surveillance showed the chief of police and agent John Selvestor of the Baltimore FBI was talking on the phone and they mentioned the agents name so they were put under surveillance.

As months went by into 2007 they now had proof that the chief of police and Agent John Selvestor of the FBI along with the Johnson family and a FBI agent in Tucson was involved with the murder of one of their own. A women agent of the FBI in Tucson had her job taken away and was charged and Senior agent John Selvestor of the FBI in Maryland was arrested and brought to a military tribunal and found guilty of murder, he was sentenced life in prison which was kept out of the news media.

There was a shake up with all that were involved and now things were getting worse by the day. There was a FBI agent at the University of Arizona that was a lead investigator in this case. EMF was used on him and he was made to go into the women restroom and take his pants down and master bait which university police walked in on the agent and he was arrested , this made the 6:00 p.m. news in Tucson.

When the agent was still working even though he was arrested the agent attacked myself with EMF to get even because they found out that Chief of Police Richard Miranda of Tucson Police Department was the man that used EMF surveillance to make this agent master bait in the women restroom at the UofA.

The FBI agent was fired and lost his job . What is known by the NSA now is there are police , deputy sheriff’s and federal agents involved with a massive drug running cartel and working with the masonic order to cover up the whole thing. This investigation is still going on right now and is ongoing , this electro-magnetic surveillance (Radio Frequency) needs to be made public and this investigation is the best example to have this transpire. As of this article this is only a small written detail of the investigation.