Rice: New Cuba dictatorship not acceptable
Jun 01,2007 00:00 by UPI

MADRID - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Friday she thinks democratic states are obligated to support the opposition in Cuba as the Castro era ends.

En route to Spain following a meeting of G8 foreign ministers in Germany, said it's important to convince Cuba's leaders the world will not accept a "transition from one dictatorship to another."

Rice said the United States and Spain are on different sides of the Cuba issue and she doesn't expect that to change in the near future.

"I'm sure the Spanish will want to make their views known. But there's a major transition coming in Cuba. And I think democratic states have an obligation to act democratically; meaning, to support opposition in Cuba, not to give the regime the idea that it's just going to be transition from one dictatorship to another," Rice said.

On Iran, Rice said there is no flexibility on the U.S. position that Iran must end its efforts to perfect nuclear technology before negotiations can take place. After that, the United States is willing to be "very flexible."

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